LOUD Leadership Retreat – 2nd & 3rd November 2019.

Developing Emerging LGBTI Community Leaders

LOUD Leadership Retreats aim to provide emerging leaders in the LGBTI community with the confidence, skills and networks to advocate effectively for the interests and needs of the LGBTI Community.

Community members who identify as LGBTI have incredibly diverse experiences of living and working in the Loddon Murray Region. One of the primary goals of LOUD Leadership is to build a sense of community within the cohort of participants which can be nurtured into a thriving graduate network, as successive groups of emerging leaders complete the program.

Feedback from participants who attended the June LOUD Leadership Retreat

“The retreat provided valuable information on how to campaign for your project and or cause and how to inspire others to help achieve positive change in community.”

“The program had a great emphasis on the power of storytelling, connecting people to their humanity.”

“The different examples of leadership styles were very useful- coming from the speakers who had different experiences and expressed leadership in different ways. The exercise on being a safe space and explaining your ideas were standouts.”

About LOUD

The opportunity to design a retreat for emerging LGBTI leaders in the region arose from a Victorian Government Grant Round, administered by the Equality Branch of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. LEAD Loddon Murray won a project in partnership with FAB CV to establish a regional representative organisation that could amplify the voices of LGBTI in policy, community and decision making, hence, LOUD the organisation was born.

One of LOUD’s key strategic objectives is to develop leaders. LOUD, together with LEAD Loddon Murray will deliver two leadership retreats in 2019, one in Autumn and one in Spring. Each retreat will nurture participants confidence, skills and networks and foster relationships between participants and established LGBTI leaders.

Our approach to developing leaders focusses on three domains: Leadership of self, leading teams and advocating for change. Our methodology for facilitating the retreats features shared stories and reflective practice to inform participants personal leadership development plan.

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Saturday 2nd November
Morning 10.00am- 1.00pm
Acknowledging the wisdom in the room
Getting to know each other and understanding each other’s experience practicing leadership.

Establishing safety in the group
Linda Kirkman will lead a process to explore the group’s values, set agreements about how the group will interact over the weekend and to lay some ground rules about sharing.

Understanding yourself and others
Bob and Heather McNaught’s session on understanding the ways we prefer to communicate, engage in work and build connections is always a major highlight! Bob and Heather’s fun and engaging style is magnetic and the opportunities to share how our preferred ways of thinking and acting inform our practice of leadership offer great value.

“I took the outcomes of this session and discussed them with my partner, my team at work and friends. I found the process simple and highly effective in getting to the heart of what connects and or irritates people in group situations. I apply the learning in my role at work all the time.”

Saturday 2nd November

Afternoon 1.30pm – 5.30pm

Understanding yourself and others continued.

Sharing your ideas to drive change
Participants are asked to prepare a one minute presentation on an idea or project that would lead to positive change for LGBTI people in their community. It could be a social gathering, campaign, way of raising visibility or advocacy in workplaces- just a few ideas.

Unpacking a case study on advocacy to achieve impact
We’ll hear from a renowned national advocate for mental health, whose work in the Loddon Mallee Region has rallied support from business, government and the community sector to address the stigma associated with mental health. We’ll apply the lessons from the advocacy approach to ideas you share in the afternoon to advocate for change.
Supporting emerging leaders- feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
This panel conversation will include the voices of Ben McEllen, Jodie Lyons, Shannon Appleby and Cam Jones on their experiences advocating for our LGBTI community- about the moments that inspired them to act and how they overcame a fear of standing out the front and speaking in support of and on behalf of community.

Members of the LOUD Board will join us for the panel conversation. We’ll enjoy some wine and cheese in the sunshine and have time to network with guest speakers and participants as we close out the day.

Sunday 3rd November
Morning 10.00am- 12.30pm
What are the essentials of grassroots community development projects?
Guest speaker Jodie Lyons will share her experiences leading community development for the Equality Branch of Department of Premier and Cabinet. Harry McAnulty will facilitate an interactive workshop on the principles of social justice, equality and inclusion as the basis for community development approaches.

Advocating for change and organising a common purpose.
Tash Joyce will share her experiences as one of the key organisers of the Bendigo Says YES Campaign. Tash and Harry will unpack the processes and principles of rallying thousands of people behind an idea to create positive change. They will also explore the cost of advocacy, of being the spokesperson in the media and touch on the self-care required to sustain advocacy in the public domain.

Sunday 3rd November.

Afternoon 1.00pm- 5.30pm

Where to after marriage equality?
This session will be a facilitated discussion amongst participants to explore the need for regional voices and advocates in a post marriage equality era.

Your community projects
Discover your individual and collective power to create change.
What is made possible?
You will explore the actions, however small, that everyone can do immediately. At a minimum these actions create momentum that may make a BIG difference.
Learn how to flip the conversation to focus on what can be done. Shifting a few grains of sand may trigger a landslide and change the whole landscape.

Envisaging your future
Participants will develop a vision board of images and words that remind you WHY you are choosing to do what you do every day, images and words that spark your motivation and remind you of your values, goals or dreams.

Plenary and close

LOUD was founded through a grant provided by the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Equality Branch. LEAD Loddon Murray and FAB CV secured the Grant in May 2018 to develop a new organisation that would provide advocacy and facilitate partnerships to achieve change.

LOUD is growing leaders within the LGBTI community. We nurture emerging leaders to share the responsibility for advocating on behalf of our LGBTI Community and representing Community at the decision making table in various forums across the region.

LOUD is a new organisation, as such it will take time to build authentic relationships with LGBTI networks and organisations across the region that allow us to speak on behalf of the community. We ask community members for their assistance in this process by sharing our communication and events to build awareness of our work.

In 2019 our main focus is delivering two LOUD Leadership Retreats. LOUD Leadership Retreats are delivered by facilitators who are community members. The retreats build the skills, confidence and connections of emerging leaders in our LGBTI community and aim to inspire, empower and energise our community as we build partnerships and projects for change.