LOUD is a network of LGBTI people and allies. We provide advocacy and facilitate partnerships to create change. We aim to change the hearts and minds of people in our region to make communities more accepting of the LGBTI Community.

We provide authentic representation for LGBTI people in forums which impact on their safety, inclusion and participation in community.

Our vision

For all LGBTI people to feel respected, connected, valued, included and safe. For all members of our community to proudly be themselves.

Our values

– Inclusion & Acceptance
– Advocacy
– Connection / Relationships / Partnerships
– Enpowerment
– Respect

Our strategic priorities
  1. We build acceptance within and of our diverse community.
    • We work with communities to develop action/capacity.
    • We come to the table with an expectation that our views are equal.
  2. We advocate on behalf of our LGBTI community.
    • We advocate on behalf of communities when legislative and policy settings call for action.
    • We listen to our community and work with them to document priorities and take action.
  3. We develop leaders.
    • We deliver LOUD Leadership to strengthen the capacity of emerging LGBTI leaders across the region.

The LOUD Board of Management

The LOUD Board of Management were appointed in August 2018 to govern the new organisation. Positions to serve on the LOUD Board will become available later in 2019, following the two LOUD Leadership Retreats.

We are now recruiting Board Members to LOUD.

For more information you can Download a LOUD Board Member PD

Chair of the board

I am excited by the prospect of an advocacy group that has the LM region in its sights, rather than being Bendigo centric. I think there are lots of opportunities to create networking and community events for the broader region. These are particularly important for smaller communities where members of the queer community might feel isolated, but where the community is not big enough to support a particular event for that community. We could create our own virtual communities, which are then supported by events at smaller townships create more visibility for their queer residents. I think that the more we can create a network across the region the more likely we will be to establish sustainable events. I think it could also help break down barriers between towns, so that queer folk travel more to other towns to support their queer events.

I think that this board, and the funding to support queer leadership, is a great opportunity for us to shape the type of community we want – rather than believing that this can be done for us. We are the only ones who can create the community we want, so it would be exciting to be part of a board that has that as its vision.

I am committed to making positive changes for LGBTIQ people in Central Victoria. The Community is large but not always visible and vocal. I see this organisation for a chance for that to be addressed. It is important that the Loddon Mallee Region is seen as both a safe place and sought after destination for LGBTIQ residents and visitors. I was heartened by the groundswell of action during the marriage survey process and would like to make sure that momentum is capitalised upon. My experience in media, previous committees of management and my network in the Loddon Mallee will inform my contribution to LOUD.